Vanna’s Meatloaf

  • 1lb – hamburger meat
  • 1lb – ground venison
  • ½ – onion chopped-up
  • 1 – bell pepper chopped-up
  • 1 – egg
  • ½ cup – milk
  • ¾ cup – bread crumbs
  • add some salt & pepper

Mix it all together and put in a Pyrex loaf dish. Cook in oven at 375º for 1hr & 15min.


Options (dr recommended): Instead of a bell pepper, de-seed and chop-up an equivalent amount of fresh jalapenos (or ½ & ½ for the less adventurous). After an hour of baking, slather on about a ¼” of Heinz catsup. Just before removing, crank oven up to broil and lightly scorch the catsup.


Serve with biscuits or muffins and plenty of butter.

Have you tried Vanna's meatloaf? What did you think?

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