... and a sort of disclaimer

What is the most interesting thing in the universe? Is it those amazing creatures they discovered living and flourishing at the ocean’s deepest floor? Or is it black holes in our galaxy where gravity is so powerful not even light can escape? This is a trick question because the answer is really very simple. It is people. Nothing can be interesting at all unless there is someone to be interested in it. That is why I have become a student of people, the most fascinating things in the universe!


The dr Chronicles are stories about fictitious people. Set deep in the heart of Texas, it is about Texans and that special “way” about them. The stories are designed to amuse and bring a smile to the reader. The characters are not real, but the stories around them have just a hint of truth, perhaps exaggerated, perhaps embellished, but enough to make us think and bring the characters to life.


So this is my disclaimer. There is no intention stated or implied that any of these people or places are real. If you feel like D.R. is describing someone in some place that you really know, please let me know, because I really would like to go there and meet them!


The dr chronicles is a continuing blog meant to be read in series. These stories and people intersect with each other so they make much more sense if read in sequence. So read on and enjoy and comment if you like.