Welcome to the dr Chronicles

This is a fictitious blog by a laid back but well meaning Texan nicknamed D.R. It is meant to be humorous and embellished, but there is a bit of truth in all the stories, people and places. I hope you get a smile or two. Enjoy!  ...dr

Chapter 1 - Freddy Flash

Looks like it’s that time of year again. My brother and I were out cruising the South Texas brush in our Bronco looking for turkeys. Of course there are no turkeys in South Texas but it sounds better than just driving and drinking beer. 


“Hey D.R., pull over." 


Chapter 2 - Bobcat Bob

The old saying about Texas weather really is true. “If you don’t like it, wait a minute. “  Sometimes it just feels like if you’re not burning up, you are freezing to death.  Just when you think you have things all figured out along comes one of those magic days. It may be in February or it may be in September. It is cool and bright, as pretty a day as ever there was. You can open up all the windows and feel and hear everything inside, just like outside. Vanna and I both love those days, just like the one last Friday evening.


Chapter 3 - Smitty

I wear a baseball cap almost all of the time so a haircut is not a big priority. But when the hair I have left starts to really stick-out and curl up all around, I know it’s time for a haircut. Funny thing is my unkempt look doesn’t seem to affect Vanna. A bad hair day and an unshaven face don’t seem to bother her much which greatly surprises me because other seemingly less grievous infractions can cause quite a stir. I really love that woman, but she does keep me guessing!


Chapter 4 - The Wet Spot

I haven’t quite figured out why there are some strange days where I lose track of time so easily. It’s usually a Friday that feels like a Saturday or a Saturday that feels like a Sunday. It seems the day of the week is always a backdrop in the back of your head, just there conditioning what you are doing or what you are expecting to do. Then suddenly you realize that you are off a day. Last Saturday was one of those days. I thought it was a Sunday and I had resigned myself to an evening of rest and an early to bed for a good Monday morning start.


Chapter 5 - Witcher's Wife

Have you ever put something away in a safe place and then when you really needed it again you couldn’t find it? Well the older I get the more it seems to be happening to me. In our house, Vanna has a corner of one bedroom sort of sectioned off as an office. There is a desk with a computer, shelves and a small file cabinet. This is where we keep all of our important papers. The shelves have all my study books for work, my shooting and fishing catalogs and Vanna’s Sue Grafton novels.


Chapter 6 - Ghost Man

When I was a kid, I remember being frustrated when I had nothing to do. The onset of this creeping malaise, called boredom, usually started with turning on the TV. If there were no westerns or monster movies playing, watching was quickly abandoned. The next step was to go bother mom. She was the best source of ideas and she even would play or visit with me if possible. Unfortunately, mom being the family CEO, she was often too busy to be bothered and with an apologetic voice (usually) she’d say go out and play with your friends. This started the next phase of curing boredom, canvassing the neighborhood.


Chapter 7 - Ol' Tom

The two best fisherman that I know are Chugger and Jimbo. These guys have an uncanny knack for finding and hooking fish, any type of fish, but especially black bass. If the measure of the fisherman is the number of fish put in the boat, Chugger is hands down the winner. But both of these fishing buddies have a different approach to the sport and science of fishing. Chugger is very planned and organized. If he says he’ll pick you up at 5:00 AM, he’ll be there on the button. He’ll spend the night before replacing the line on his reels, sharpening hooks, charging batteries, topping off gas cans and even checking that the outboard motor starts BEFORE it’s in the water.  His boat is organized with multiple rods in place, each with a different lure, ready to be picked-up and cast.